The Crimson Tide Scholarship Fund (CTSF) provides UA Athletics with annual scholarship support for our student-athletes. UA Athletics currently funds approximately $19 million annually for more than 500 student-athlete scholarships in 21 sports. Funds raised through the CTSF go directly to student-athlete scholarships, thereby offsetting the overall scholarship funding needed for the Athletics Department. Until such time that the scholarship endowment is fully funded, the CTSF is imperative to helping fund our student-athletes' scholarships.

While some costs are paid with funds generated from ticket sales, sales of licensed merchandise, media rights, and other event-driven revenue, private funding of scholarships is necessary to provide our student-athletes with the best opportunities for learning and personal growth at The University of Alabama. For every dollar contributed to this fund, UA Athletics is able to direct revenue to other priority areas of need for the Department to maximize our competitive advantage on and off the playing field.

Your contributions to the Crimson Tide Scholarship Fund can help provide a student-athlete a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a member of the Crimson Tide. Costs associated with tuition, fees, books and room and board continue to rise. For the University of Alabama to maintain its ranking among the elite collegiate athletic programs, it is vital to build a healthy annual scholarship fund. Please consider supporting our student-athletes through the Crimson Tide Scholarship Fund.