In the last few years, tremendous strides have been made in improving the venues where the student-athletes compete and study. While our buildings and facilities are critical to the success of our teams and coaches' ability to attract top players, the vision doesn't stop there. One of the primary missions of the Athletics Department is to create a lasting endowment to fund all the student-athletes' scholarships and provide each sport with needed support. The scholarship and team support fund endowments are critical to ensure that future Crimson Tide teams can compete at the highest level in the Southeastern Conference and the NCAA.

The Athletics Department funds tuition, room, board, books, travel and miscellaneous fees for student-athletes on scholarship. At an annual cost of approximately $29,724 for each in-state student and $48,174 for each out-of-state student, the financial health and stability of the department can forever be protected by endowing every one of these scholarships and providing support funding for each sport. While a number of rival institutions have been raising money for athletics endowments for years, the University of Alabama has only actively solicited gifts for this vital area in recent years. Ranking in the middle of the SEC and well below major athletic programs nationwide, the challenge for the Crimson Tide is to rise to the level of its chief rivals and surpass them.

In light of the importance of our endowment, the Crimson Tide Foundation extends our deep gratitude to the donors who have endowed a scholarship or fund within the Athletics Department. The listing below recognizes all of the fully endowed and partially endowed funds made to the Athletics Department as of June 30, 2017.

Fully Endowed Funds ($300,000+)

A-Club Alumni Association Athletics Scholarship in Honor of Mal M. Moore
A-Club Alumni Association Athletics Scholarship in Honor of Sarah Patterson
Adams & Mullin Families Athletics Scholarship
Mary Kathryn & Dennis Adams Athletics Scholarship
Alabama Athletics Scholarship
Arias McBrayer Family Football Scholarship
Batson Family Football Scholarship
Batson Family Men's Basketball Scholarship
Bill & Mary Battle Athletics Scholarship
David Boutwell Baseball Scholarship
Mike & Tammy Brock Athletics Scholarship
Bromberg Men's Track Scholarship
Fred Carlisle Football Scholarship
Alberta Carruth & James McCullough Athletics Scholarship
Frank & Marion Cashia Family Football Scholarship
Janet Chadwick Football Scholarship
Julie Chadwick Gymnastics Scholarship
Hoyt A. Childs Athletics Scholarship
Claborn Family Athletics Scholarship
Joy McCann Culverhouse Women's Golf Scholarship
Daniel Foundation of Alabama Athletics Scholarship #1
Daniel Foundation of Alabama Athletics Scholarship #2
Glenn Davenport Football Scholarship
Denney Family Football Scholarship
Sterling W. Edwards Memorial Football Scholarship
Richard Lee Ellis Sr. Memorial Football & Men's Basketball Scholarship
Gantt Family Athletics Scholarship
Allen & Chris Goodson Football Scholarship
Charles & Nancy Graham Football Scholarship
Macon & Susan Gravlee Football Scholarship
Macon & Susan Gravlee Gymnastics Scholarship
Gwin Charitable Foundation Athletics Scholarship
Miriam & Mack Hall Athletics Scholarship
Robert Alan Hall Athletics Scholarship
Priscilla Hutchins Athletics Scholarship
Clark & Josephine Hutchinson Athletics Scholarship
Jackson Family Athletics Scholarship
J.D. & Margaret Johns Athletics Scholarship
Paul & Mortimer Kuykendall Athletics Scholarship
Douglas & Frances Lanier Foundation Athletics Scholarship
Elizabeth & Peter Lowe Athletics Scholarship
Lanita D. Mayers Football Scholarship
McCaffrey Family Baseball Scholarship
McCaffrey Family Football Scholarship
McCaffrey Family Men's Athletics Scholarship
McCaffrey Family Women's Athletics Scholarship
McKinney Football Scholarship
D. Stephen Menzies Athletics Scholarship
Joseph & Wanda Merrell Family Football Scholarship
Joseph & Wanda Merrell Football & Men's Golf Scholarship
Mayer & Abraham A. Mitchell Football Scholarship
Morgan Family Football Scholarship
Rosa P. Morrow Family Athletics Scholarship
Philip, Blake & Preston Nichols Men's Basketball Scholarship
Nick@Noon Football Scholarship
Dyron & Lily Overton Family Football Scholarship
Matthew Overton Athletics Scholarship
David L. & Patricia Peterson Football Scholarship
J. Douglas Phillips Athletics Scholarship
Pizzitola Family Football Scholarship
E.C. "Buddy" Powell Athletics Scholarship
J. Holland Powell & Carolyn Saia Powell Family Athletics Scholarship
Marv & Elizabeth Price Athletics Scholarship
Red Elephant Club of Baldwin County Football Scholarship
Red Elephant Club of Birmingham Football Scholarship
Red Elephant Club of Huntsville Football Scholarship
Red Elephant Club of Logan-Martin Football Scholarship
Red Elephant Club of Mobile Football Scholarship #1
Red Elephant Club of Mobile Football Scholarship #2
Red Elephant Club of Mobile Football Scholarship #3
Red Elephant Club of Montgomery Football Scholarship
Red Elephant Club of Northeast Alabama Football Scholarship
Red Elephant Club of Tuscaloosa Football Scholarship #1
Red Elephant Club of Tuscaloosa Football Scholarship #2
Renfroe Family Men's Golf Scholarship
John L. & Margaret E. Rhoads Athletics Scholarship
Richmond Family Football Scholarship
Richmond Family Soccer Scholarship
Carolyn F. Robertson Athletics Scholarship
Ronny Robertson Athletics Scholarship
William E. Rodrigues Family Athletics Scholarship
Demeco Ryans Football Scholarship
Nick Saban & Mark Ingram Football Scholarship
Jon & Kristie Seale Football Scholarship
Larry & Charlene Shaffer Football Scholarship
John & Marjorie Snook Athletics Scholarship
Michael Spoors Athletics Scholarship
Paige L. Stagner III & IV Athletics Scholarship
A.J. Taft Sr. Athletics Scholarship
Thomas & Lisa Jean Thayer Women's Golf Scholarship
John B. Thompson Memorial Football Scholarship
Jamie Tisch Athletics Scholarship
United Roofing Manufacturing Women's Basketball Scholarship
Virciglio Mizerany Family Athletics Scholarship
Stan Walker Men's Swimming Scholarship
Phil Webb Family Men's Basketball Scholarship
Rod P. & Susan Wilkin Football Scholarship
Laura & Byrd Williams Football Scholarship
Logan Young Football Scholarship

Partially Endowed Funds ($25,000 - $299,999)

Abele Men's Basketball Scholarship
Jonathan & Tiffany Abernathy Gymnastics Scholarship
A-Club Track Scholarship
A-Club Alumni Association Athletics Scholarship in Honor of Patrick Murphy
A-Club Alumni Association Athletics Scholarship in Honor of Mic Potter
A-Club Alumni Association Athletics Scholarship in Honor of Nick Saban
A-Club Alumni Association Athletics Scholarship in Honor of Jay Seawell
Adair Family Men's Golf Support Fund
Amanda Crouch Adams Cheerleading Scholarship
Will, Ammie, Jack & George Akin Athletics Scholarship
Alabama Athletics Training Scholarship
Edgar F. Alexander Men's Basketball Scholarship
George B. & Pearl G. Alexander Football Scholarship
Elisabeth R. Alison Memorial Women's Tennis Scholarship
Beth Cleino Allaway Women's Tennis Scholarship
Mabel Sanders Amos Athletics Scholarship
Julia Wittichen Anderson Athletics Scholarship
Madison "Maddy" Catherine Angus Football Scholarship
Matthew T. Ansley Men's Basketball Scholarship
Ashurst Family Men's Golf Scholarship
Emily Baker Women's Tennis Scholarship
Bama Softball Walk-Off Club Softball Scholarship
Barnes Family Football Scholarship
Barnes Family Women's Soccer Scholarship
Carl Allan Barnes Men's Basketball Scholarship
Dr. & Mrs. Aubrey T. Baugh Jr. Memorial Football Scholarship
Tommie L. Baugh Sr. Athletics Scholarship
Zelia M. Baugh Memorial Softball Scholarship
James F. Beall & Ben M. Dempsey Jr. Football Scholarship
Beaman Family Football Scholarship
Dr. Brad & Monica Beasley Athletics Scholarship
Jimmie W. Beavers Athletics Scholarship
Kay & Anthony Bedsole Athletics Scholarship
Massey Bedsole Football Scholarship
Travis M. Bedsole Jr. Athletics Scholarship
Keith & Janet Bennett Football Scholarship
Berry Family Athletics Scholarship
Berryman Family Athletics Scholarship
Big Al Support Fund
Randy Billingsley Memorial Football Scholarship
Dutch T. Binion Memorial Football Scholarship
Blackwelder Memorial Football Scholarship
Blevins Family Athletics Scholarship
Roberta & Larry Bodine Athletics Scholarship
Bobby Boggs Football Scholarship
Harry Dwight Bonham Athletics Scholarship
Hope & Gerald Bosarge Memorial Athletics Scholarship
Charley Boswell Men's Golf Scholarship
Braswell Family Athletics Scholarship
Nicholas Braswell Athletics Scholarship
B.A. Brunson Women's Basketball Scholarship
Bryant Football Scholarship
Paul William Bryant Athletics Scholarship
Aubrey Buchalter Athletics Scholarship
Robert W. & Helena T. Buchalter Men's Tennis Scholarship
Maurice Burgess Football Scholarship
Richard E. Cagle Athletics Scholarship
John Fredrick Calvert Football Scholarship
Michael & Penny Camp Football Scholarship
Larry, Cynthia, John & Emily Canada Football Scholarship
Ben & Jennifer Cantrell Football Scholarship
Capel Athletics Scholarship
Ronnie & Pam Carmichael Family Football Scholarship
S. Wesley & Aeana Carpenter Athletics Scholarship
Jerry N. Carr Football Scholarship
William H. Carr Football Scholarship
Stacey & Andy Cernicky Athletics Scholarship
Chambliss Family Women's Golf Scholarship
Colby F. Clark Men's Golf Scholarship
John & Barbara Cochran Athletics Scholarship
Tony "Bill" Cole Sr. & Darrell Ray Maddox Football Scholarship
Scott & Robin Condra Athletics Scholarship
Scott J. Connor Memorial Football Scholarship
Will & Amanda Cooper Athletics Scholarship
Corey Family Football Scholarship
Corwin Family Athletics Scholarship
Sam Costello Athletics Scholarship
Gaye & Lowell Cotney Athletics Scholarship
Coach Hank Crisp & Hank Crisp Jr. Memorial Football Scholarship
Keeshan & Norman A. Crow Jr. Athletics Scholarship
Crum Family Athletics Scholarship
Susan L. Curtin Golf Scholarship
Dallas-Fort Worth Alumni & Friends Men's Basketball Scholarship
John G. Danford Sr. & Mary J. Danford Athletics Scholarship
Stewart M. Dansby Men's Basketball Scholarship
Spray d'Auguste Family Athletics Scholarship
Robert & Charlene Davé Athletics Scholarship
Davidson Family Athletics Scholarship
Austin & Amanda Davis Men's Golf Scholarship
William Thomas Davis Family Athletics Scholarship
William Thomas Dawson Family Foundation Athletics Scholarship
Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity - Psi Chapter Football Scholarship
Demos Family Football Scholarship
Dent Family Football Scholarship
Denton Family Athletics Scholarship
Jere DePew Football Scholarship
James A. Dildy Memorial Football Scholarship
Dr. Jerry Dean Dillard Athletics Scholarship
Dorris Family Athletics Scholarship
Christie Coggins Dover Crimsonette Scholarship
Duffy Family Gymnastics Scholarship
Jerry G. & Karen Duncan Football Scholarship
Jerry G. & Karen Duncan Women's Golf Scholarship
Art & Karen Dunning Football Scholarship
Morris Dyess Memorial Men's Basketball Scholarship
Mary Elizabeth Webster Edwards Charitable Trust Gymnastics Scholarship
Steven J. Ellis Athletics Scholarship
John H. & Grace McMillan Estep Athletics Scholarship
Gina G. Falletta Athletics Scholarship
Scott & Valerie Farrar Football Scholarship
Fash Family Football Scholarship
William Waddell Featheringill Football Scholarship
Anthony Fields Family Athletics Scholarship
Foster Family Football Scholarship
John Foster Memorial Swimming Scholarship
Milton Frank Athletics Scholarship Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Jason S. Frase Athletics Scholarship
Frohsin & Barger Athletics Scholarship
Herbert E. Fuller Tennis Scholarship
Don Gambril Swimming Scholarship
Gambril-McElligott Swimming Scholarship
Charles H. Garrison Athletics Scholarship
W. Lewis Garrison Jr. Football Scholarship
Paul Dillon Gartman Football Scholarship
Jewell P. Gaston Memorial Athletics Scholarship
Angelyn Adams Giambalvo Athletics Scholarship
Stewart Gibson Football Scholarship
Hubert & Alpha Goings Athletics Scholarship
Eli Gold Athletics Scholarship
Andrew G. Goodwin Men's Tennis Support Fund
James H. Goostree Athletics Training Scholarship
Grantham Family Athletics Scholarship
Macon & Susan Gravlee Men's Basketball Scholarship
Gray Family Football Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gray Family Football Scholarship
Stacy Gray Memorial Athletics Scholarship
Greenetrack Athletics Scholarship
Thomas & Evelyn Griffin Athletics Scholarship
Lela & W. Wayne Griffith Football Scholarship
Alva & Risa Grimsley Athletics Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. J. Matthew Griswold Football Support Fund
Nickie Guerrero Gymnastics Scholarship
Fred W. & Mary Jo Gustin Athletics Scholarship
Nancy Russell Gwaltney Football Scholarship
Gregg & Elizabeth Hahn Men's Tennis Scholarship
Haley Family Athletics Scholarship
Coach Curley Hallman Athletics Scholarship
Bill & Jo Hamilton Family Athletics Scholarship
Charles & Carol Hamm Football Scholarship
Herbert & Bill Hannah Football Scholarship
Marty E. Harbin Memorial Athletics Scholarship
Tom Harris Family Athletics Scholarship
Brad & Beth Hayes Athletics Scholarship
Randall Haynes Athletics Scholarship
Dr. Christopher Helms Family Softball Scholarship
Anne Barr Herman & Richard Avery Herman Athletics Scholarship
John D. Hickman Athletics Scholarship
Lowell Eugene Hicks Memorial Football Scholarship
Greg Higginson Memorial Swimming Scholarship
Thomas Hill & Alton Branch Memorial Athletics Scholarship
Dr. John Lawrence Hinton & Juliette Foster Hinton Athletics Scholarship
Joanne S. & Robert W. Hodgkins Football Scholarship
Hogan Football Scholarship
Hogan Women's Golf Scholarship
Holcomb Family Athletics Scholarship
Heath S. Holden Family Softball Scholarship
Hudson Family Football Scholarship
Mike & Linda Hudson Family Football Scholarship
Ronny & Brenda Hudspeth Football Scholarship
Bill & Susan Huffman Men's Golf Scholarship
C.A. & Nell Huffman Football Scholarship
Grady Hughes Memorial Athletics Scholarship
Cecil "Hootie" Ingram Football Scholarship
Meg Ingram Memorial Cheerleading Scholarship
Cody & Dr. C. Lauren Isbell Football & Volleyball Scholarship
Brian M. Isern Men's Tennis Support Fund
George, Eddie, Blake & Brandon Jackson Football Scholarship
Heith & Carolyn Jeffcoat Athletics Scholarship
Brad Johnson Football Scholarship
Dr. Arthur A. Jones III & Margaret C. Jones Family Football Scholarship
Anne W. & Arthur D. Kelly Football Scholarship
Swede & Sara Hart Kendall Athletics Scholarship
Tom & Alice Kendall Men's Tennis Scholarship
Dr. John K. & Yvonne Kendrick Athletics Scholarship
John Kirkland Football Scholarship
Morgan & Drew Kirkland Gymnastics Scholarship
Kirzner Family Football Scholarship
Knight-Bryant Family Football Scholarship
Kermit Koenig Memorial Athletics Scholarship
Koslin Family Women's Track & Field Scholarship
Radha & Shirley Krothapalli Football Scholarship
Jack Kubiszyn Baseball Scholarship
Jack Kubiszyn Men's Basketball Scholarship
Kykenkee, Inc. Athletics Scholarship
Landau Family Athletics Scholarship
Nanellen Lane Women's Tennis Scholarship
Dr. Stephen Layne Football Scholarship
Bubba & Darlene Lewis Football Scholarship
Dr. Albert G. Lewis Jr. & Mrs. Nell Lewis Memorial Football Scholarship
John C. Lindsay Jr. & Lee Lindsay Athletics Scholarship
Loudermilk Family Athletics Scholarship
Timothy Russell Lovelady Men's Golf Scholarship
Rick & Barrett Brock MacKay Tennis Scholarship
Stephen G. & Marilyn Randall Mahon Football Scholarship
Mandell Family Athletics Scholarship
Dr. & Mrs. James Chadwick Mann Football Scholarship
Gene & Becky Marable Football Scholarship
Andrew J. Martin Athletics Scholarship
Mathews Family Million Dollar Band Scholarship
Neva McCall Memorial Women's Golf Scholarship
Frank E. McGough Sr. Football Scholarship
Doris & Jim McHugh Football Scholarship
Finn & Quinley McInerney Athletics Scholarship
Derrick McKey Men's Basketball Scholarship
McMahon-Phillips Family Football Scholarship
McMahon-Welden CB-FF Cheerleading Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. Charles K. McPherson Football Scholarship
John & Rachel McPhillips Athletics Scholarship
The Medalist Club Gymnastics Scholarship in Honor of Lucy Caldwell Smith
Evelyn Merrin Football Scholarship for Defensive Backs
Evelyn Merrin Football Scholarship for Defensive Linemen
Floyd D. "K.O." Miller Family Football Scholarship
Millican Family Athletics Scholarship
Million Dollar Pep Band Scholarship
Donald B. Mills & Family Athletics Scholarship
Bob Mitchell Family Athletics Scholarship
Senator Hinton Mitchem Memorial Men's Golf Scholarship
Mitman, Reese & Associates Athletics Scholarship
James O. & Vivian Burgin Monk Athletics Scholarship
Kermit & Gerry Moore Athletics Scholarship
Mal M. Moore Football Scholarship
Marlin D. Moore Sr. Football Scholarship
Moore Family Athletics Scholarship
Scotty & Jackie Moore Football Manager Scholarship
Stella H. & Thomas W. Moore Athletics Scholarship
Warner Moore Football Scholarship
Dan Moreman Memorial Softball Scholarship
George P. Morris Jr. Athletics Scholarship
John W. & Tammy G. Morris Athletics Scholarship
Garey P. & Patricia Morgan Morrison Athletics Scholarship
Barry Mullins Men's Golf Scholarship
Jean Angstman Murphy Softball Scholarship
Muscat Family Men's Basketball Scholarship
Namath, Asbury, Krout & Burchfield Women's Athletics Scholarship
National Cement Athletics Scholarship
Katherine Newman Football Scholarship
Barry & Robyn Nix Athletics Scholarship
James Little North Football Scholarship
Numnum & Dale Family Athletics Scholarship
Orr Family Football Scholarship
Palmer Family Athletics Scholarship
Larry Park Men's Basketball Scholarship
Kathryn G. & John M. Parnell Memorial Football Scholarship
C. Richard & Pride Parr Men's Basketball Scholarship
Ellington Louise Partridge Athletics Scholarship
Jerry Pate Men's Golf Scholarship
Sarah & David Patterson Gymnastics Scholarship
Ray Perkins Football Scholarship
PGA Alumni Men's Golf Support Fund
Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity - Theta Chapter Football Scholarship
Pickett Family Gymnastics Scholarship
Marion C. Pete Pierson Athletics Scholarship
Jerry & Joyce Platt Football Scholarship
Dr. Ellis F. Porch Sr. Memorial Football Scholarship
Dorothy Lee Powell & Margaret Elizabeth Powell Women's Swimming Scholarship
Mike Powell Family Athletics Scholarship
Powell Family Athletics Scholarship
Kim N. & Janet V. Price Family Athletics Scholarship
Ron & Cindy Price Football Scholarship
Donald Pritchard Men's Golf Scholarship
Harry H. Pritchett Memorial Athletics Support Fund
Harry Pritchett Memorial Men's Golf Scholarship
William Thomas Rainer Memorial Athletics Scholarship
Nevrik Elizabeth & Alan W. Ratliff Football Scholarship
Red Elephant Club of Atlanta Football Scholarship
Red Elephant Club of Emerald Coast Football Scholarship
Red Elephant Club of Northwest Alabama Football Scholarship
Red Elephant Club of Wiregrass Football Scholarship
Conrad Rehling Men's Golf Scholarship
John L. & Margaret E. Rhoads Softball Scholarship
John L. & Margaret E. Rhoads Women's Golf Scholarship
Rice Family Athletics Scholarship
Danny Ridgeway Football Scholarship
Kenneth E. Riley Athletics Scholarship
Riley Family Trust Athletics Scholarship
Marie Robbins Gymnastics Scholarship
Johnny Roberts Men's Swimming Scholarship
Roberts Family Athletics Scholarship
Wayne & Melody Roberts Athletics Scholarship
Wayne & Martha Robertson Football Scholarship
Wayne, Chasity & Aubrey Robertson Athletics Scholarship
Robin D. & Mihaela Rogers Tubas for Athletics Scholarship
Rollins, McClimans & McDonald Families Men's Golf Scholarship
Ruffin Family Football Scholarship for Offensive Linemen
Ruffin Girls' Women's Golf Scholarship
Ben & Luanne Russell Football Scholarship
Ben & Luanne Russell Gymnastics Scholarship
Sartain Exercise Science Program Strength & Conditioning Scholarship
Bob & Alice Schleusner Athletics Scholarship
Varian C. Scott Family Athletics Scholarship
Jay Seawell Men's Golf Scholarship
Seitz Family Athletics Scholarship
C.R.A.B. Sellers Athletics Scholarship
John Servati Memorial Swimming Scholarship
Lynn Kurth Shaffer Women's Golf Scholarship
Shah Family Foundation Athletics Scholarship
Shapiro Family Football Scholarship
Jill & Michael Shelby Women's Golf Scholarship
John G. & Rene Weaver Simmons Athletics Scholarship
Scott W. Sims Family Athletics Scholarship
Timothy A. Smalley Athletics Scholarship
Henry & Lucy Smith Men's Golf Scholarship
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Snypes Athletics Scholarship
Claire Felber Soppet Memorial Athletics Scholarship
Jackson & Ross South Athletics Scholarship
Michael Spoors Athletics Scholarship
Kenny Stabler Memorial Football Scholarship
Dr. James J. & Misty Shears Stamper Family Football Scholarship
Alan & Louise Steele Athletics Scholarship
Stevens Family of Virginia Athletics Scholarship
Thomas R. Stringer Football Scholarship
Jonathan Sullivan Memorial Football Scholarship
Paul Sullivan Men's Basketball Scholarship
Robert O. & Beverly Summerford Athletics Scholarship
Dr. Swaid N. & Christy Swaid Football Scholarship
Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving Scholarship
Swimming & Diving Scholarship
Benjamin L. Taylor Athletics Scholarship
Estelle & Arthur Taylor Football Scholarship
Blair & Gayle Temple Football Scholarship
Amy & Michael Terrell Athletics Scholarship
Jen & Heath Terry Athletics Scholarship
Bobby & Tammie Tesney Football Scholarship
Carla & Cleophus Thomas Jr. Football Scholarship
Derrick Thomas Athletics Scholarship
Kevin L. Thomas Athletics Scholarship
Stephen J. Thomas Family Cheerleading Scholarship
Ken Douglas Tidwell Family Football Scholarship
Mary Avis Todd Swimming Scholarship
Mary Avis Todd Women's Athletics Scholarship
Christopher & Perrie Tomlin Family Football Scholarship
J.T. "Billy" & Ann Turner Gymnastics Scholarship
Rick Turpin Athletics Scholarship
Tweedie Family Football Scholarship
Bobby & Betty Underwood Athletics Scholarship
Paul & Sherry Vaughan Athletics Scholarship
Ventress Family Gymnastics Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. Talmai Owen Vickers Jr. Athletics Scholarship
Waites Family Athletics Scholarship
William Walker-Jessup Football Scholarship
Troy & Tricia Wallwork Football Scholarship
Sarah & Brooks Watkins Athletics Scholarship
Weaver Family Men's Golf Scholarship
Phil Webb Family Athletics Scholarship
Todd & Mary Pat Weiss Football Scholarship
Wheat Family Football Scholarship
Chad & Stephanie Wheeler Athletics Scholarship
Betty Whigham Memorial Women's Golf Scholarship
Andy & Nanette White Football Scholarship
Stephen E. & Terri G. Whitehead Athletics Scholarship
J. Larry Wiggins Football Scholarship
Wilkin Family Women's Golf Scholarship
David & Patsy Williams Football Scholarship
Ernest G. & Cecil B. Williams Foundation Football Scholarship
Jonathon D. Wilson Athletics Scholarship
Wilson-Hampton Football Scholarship
Colby Wimberley Softball Scholarship
Wingate by Wyndham-Tuscaloosa Athletics Scholarship
Wise Family Athletics Scholarship
Tristin Daniel Wisener Men's Basketball Scholarship
Robert D. & Kate E. Wolverton Softball Scholarship
Women's Golf Scholarship
Annie Katherine Woodall Crimsonette & Crimson Cabaret Scholarship
Debbie Wright-Hobart Women's Swimming Scholarship
Wes & Asheley York Big Al Scholarship
Christopher C. & Monica Young Athletics Scholarship
Tom & Allen Young Athletics Scholarship